Taxation Preparation & Planning

Diversified Accounting Services, Inc. has experience in providing businesses comprehensive and professional income tax preparation services. We can be trusted as your provider of taxation services as we are current on new tax laws and can identify key tax planning to minimize any liabilities that may occur presently or in the future. Should you be audited, we will have an experienced professional representing you, and give you the best advice during this challenging time.

You can be confident that Diversified Accounting Services is looking out for your best financial interests.

Our taxation preparation and planning services would include:
• Preparation of Federal and State tax returns
• Business tax return preparation
• Individuals, Partnerships, and Corporation tax return preparation
• Gift and Estate tax return preparation
• Fiduciary tax return preparation
• Charitable planning
• E-filing of tax returns (quicker process)
• Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Audit Representation