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Accounting & Bookkeeping

At Diversified Accounting Services Inc., we know that your time as a business owner is the most valuable resource. Therefore, letting our firm manage your finances will allow you to focus all your attention on continuing and growing your business for future success.

Diversified Accounting Services Inc. has over 40 years of experience working with small businesses, providing tax and cost-effective financial management solutions for businesses in New Jersey and New York. We pride ourselves on being more than just your Accountants; we are your partners.

As your partner, we will develop and implement a unique plan for your accounting and tax filings. We continue to follow the most recent accounting practices for accessibility and risk management. We strive to help businesses comply with current laws and improve their performance.

Trust Diversified Accounting Services, Inc. to manage your accounting needs. Our professional team can assist you with the following:
• Accounting Setup for all types of Business
• Financial Statements
• Bookkeeping (monthly/quarterly/annual)
• Cash Flow Analysis
• Payroll Services
• Budgeting & Financial Forecasting
• Contractor Audits
• Financial Statement Audits
• Personal Financial Statements
• Reviews & Compilations

Business Management

At Diversified Accounting Services, Inc., our goal is to provide a one-on-one approach to consulting businesses to meet their profitability goals. We will access the areas that are negatively affecting your company’s profitability. We diagnose whatever problems we see fit and establish a plan of changes for the ultimate solution so that your business can continue to thrive and profit.

Our business management services include:
• Startup of a Business
• Selection of Accounting Software
• Implementing Computer Systems
• Paying Bills
• Buying and Selling a Business
• Budgeting
• Business Valuation
• Tax Planning Strategies

Business Formation

Diversified Accounting Services, Inc. recognizes that the ultimate goal as a new business owner is to succeed. Making the right financial decisions depends on getting the right advice from a reputable, established accounting firm. Having Diversified Accounting Services, Inc. manage your accounting and financial needs for your business will ensure its success as well as its profitability.

As your trusted financial advisor, Diversified Accounting will assist you with your business formation, business plan and secure finances. We will advise and help you in any unnecessary tax consequences to minimize tax implications and continue to maximize your profitability.

We will always continue to provide sound advice to meet all your accounting needs and adapt to your company’s changing needs.

Our business formation services include:
• Entity Selection
• Business Formation – LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation
• Assistance – Writing Business Plan for Securing Finance
• Tax Planning Strategies
• QuickBooks – Setup Services


QuickBooks is a popular software dedicated only to accounting. It is an efficient financial tool for businesses as it gives you the ability to send out invoices, track receipts, income, bank transactions, track sales revenues and organize your expenses. QuickBooks will save you time and effort so that you as a business owner can run your business efficiently and with confidence.

Diversified Accounting Services, Inc. is highly proficient in QuickBooks and has used it to help many businesses improve their efficiency and accuracy. Using QuickBooks throughout the year will track your financials, therefore, organize your businesses paperwork and receipts, and ultimately have you prepared and ready for tax time.

Our QuickBooks services include:
• Selection of the best version of QuickBooks for your business
• QuickBooks Software Setup
• Training for QuickBooks
• Support – Diversified Accounting is available with answers to your questions
• Setup template for invoices
• Troubleshooting Problems

Virtual Bookkeeping

Your time as a business owner is the most valuable resource. As a business owner, you are pulled in many directions to lend your expertise and assistance with operational issues or one-on-one client meetings. It can be challenging and overwhelming, and time consuming. This can be true when it comes to Bookkeeping.

Diversified Accounting Services, Inc. offers virtual bookkeeping services to help with your everyday challenges. Like traditional on-site bookkeepers, virtual bookkeepers manage day-to-day financial tasks like recording transactions, reconciling bank and credit card accounts, and processing payroll. A key difference between traditional and virtual bookkeepers is that a traditional bookkeeper needs to be present in your workplace to do these tasks. A virtual bookkeeper handles everything remotely using cloud-based software. This is important in today’s world as remote-only and remote-hybrid workspaces have skyrocketed. Remote finance teams can handle all of the day-to-day activities bookkeepers perform.

Diversified Accounting Services’ virtual bookkeeping services will provide you with all the confidence and trust knowing that all your financial records are getting expertise attention by our professional team. This will free up your time to lend your expertise in areas where you are most needed.

Let Diversified Accounting Services, Inc. bring you into the digital age by the benefits of virtual bookkeeping which would include:
• Free up your valuable time to lend assistance and your expertise to areas needed.
• Lessen the burden of maintaining the books by yourself.
• Always have your up-to-date financial records and statements in real time.
• Diversified Accounting Services offers virtual bookkeeping services as part of being your financial advisor. Therefore, reduction of overhead costs in hiring and training staff bookkeepers.


Diversified Accounting Services, Inc. has been processing payroll services for small businesses for over 40 years. We can get your payroll processing faster as well as tax filing for you with a current platform all with direct access to our payroll experts.

Our expertise in payroll processing would include:
• Employee payments made easier.
• Employee payments made faster.
• Simple setup
• Assistance with compliance challenges
• Hassle free processing
• Direct Deposit

Taxation Preparation & Planning

Diversified Accounting Services, Inc. has experience in providing businesses comprehensive and professional income tax preparation services. We can be trusted as your provider of taxation services as we are current on new tax laws and can identify key tax planning to minimize any liabilities that may occur presently or in the future. Should you be audited, we will have an experienced professional representing you, and give you the best advice during this challenging time.

You can be confident that Diversified Accounting Services is looking out for your best financial interests.

Our taxation preparation and planning services would include:
• Preparation of Federal and State tax returns
• Business tax return preparation
• Individuals, Partnerships, and Corporation tax return preparation
• Gift and Estate tax return preparation
• Fiduciary tax return preparation
• Charitable planning
• E-filing of tax returns (quicker process)
• Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Audit Representation

IRS Problem Resolution

Diversified Accounting Services, Inc. is your local firm to help you resolve your tax problems. We can resolve any issues you are dealing with the IRS, such as back taxes, wage garnishment, liens and any other issues. As your accounting firm, we will help you get out of your situation with the IRS. We will work with them and initiate a reasonable plan to pay off your tax debt. Yes, Diversified Accounting Services has the experience and finesse to negotiate a fair settlement with the IRS.

We are available to assist you with the following tax problems:
• Wage Garnishment
• Ending Threatening Letters
• IRS Audit Notification
• Non-Filing
• Liens/Levies Removal
• Bank Levy
• Audit Representation
• Reduce Tax Penalties
• Filing back taxes and late taxes
• Offer in Compromise Filing

Trust & Estate Planning

t’s a subject no one really wants to think about, “death” and planning what happens to your estate after you are gone can be frustrating and daunting. Trust Diversified Accounting Services, Inc. to guide you to make the right decisions for your estate planning. By doing so, your family will be spared a lot of time, heartache and money. With our trust and estate planning services, we will help in developing a plan to preserve your legacy and provide security for your family.

Our trust and estate planning services will assist you as follows:
• Estate planning for individuals and families
• Trusts
• Charitable Gifting
• Trust and Estate Tax Services
• Organize your Estate Planning Team (experts on law, finance and taxes)
• Transfer your assets to heirs as you want.
• Amending your plan if needed.


Often, important documents need to be signed for businesses. Whether it be contracts or financial statements, the need for a Notary helps to prevent fraud. Notaries are public officials who can serve as a witness to the signing of important documents. A Notary is an official of integrity appointed by the state government to serve the public as an impartial witness when documents are signed. They can only work in the state in which they are appointed.

At Diversified Accounting Services, we have a Notary Public on staff for customers who may need documents notarized. Our Notary is available to assist in witnessing the signing of important documents as follows:
• Administer oaths/affirmations during court proceedings and when officials are sworn into office.
• Maintain proper records of their activities as mandated by the state.
• Witnessing the signing of important documents/contracts for businesses.
• Verification of identity of the signers

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